SIMPLE Ajax Demonstations

Description of Examples

The following are very basic AJAX examples that I demonstrated at the California State University (CSUN) 2006 Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference. The JavaScript and AJAX Accessibility presentation and paper are available at the Accessibility education section of the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center.

These are very simple examples meant to demonstrate basic Ajax Accessibility issues and concepts. These are NOT well designed nor complete examples. They do NOT demonstrate good coding practices! There is little documentation or explanation. Folks asked for access to these demos so I have made them available with no implied quality level or support. These examples have been tested with Firefox 1.5 and IE 6 for basic operation and keyboard support. Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) techniques are implemented in the examples and supported when using Firefox 1.5 and Window-Eyes 5.5 or later versions of both.

Posted October, 2006

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